A special-purpose loan for the severely disabled has special conditions. No distinction is made between severely disabled and non-disabled people for free disposal loans.

Loans for the severely disabled – help for a self-determined life

Loans for the severely disabled - help for a self-determined life

Severe disabilities do not have to be unbearable if the environment is adapted to the needs. Non-disabled people often look at people with disabilities with a compassionate look. But nobody has to have pity. Life with a severe disability can be as beautiful as life without a disability. The only problem is that many everyday objects are adapted to the needs of the non-disabled. It is not the disability that makes life difficult and expensive, but the lack of needs-based aids off the shelf.

Dedicated loans for the severely disabled can at least make the additional costs affordable for a needs-based environment. Anything else, everyone affected will agree, people with disabilities can do just like everyone else. Anyone who does not believe these words written by a severely disabled person should imagine a working day in the kitchen of a wheelchair user. Everything can only be reached comfortably and efficiently while seated. If you try to stand up, you will have to complain about some bumps in the evening.

The question asked in the evening, what did you suffer from? Under the kitchen or under the non-handicap, that answers fully alone. In order to compensate for this inequality, the state offers discounted loan offers for the disability-friendly conversion of the apartment. Promotional loans can be granted, regardless of whether it is a rental apartment or property. Contact persons for regional funding opportunities are the municipalities, the state or the federal government.

Government support for the disabled

Government support for the disabled

The opportunities to get a loan for the severely disabled are not the same everywhere. The programs of Spin Lender can be used nationwide. For example, the Spin Lender program 159 could be interesting for age-appropriate conversions. The loan for the severely disabled supports measures to reduce barriers in existing residential buildings.

To put it more simply than on the Spin Lender website, offers of help can be found on the municipal website. The Dülmen website should serve as an example. In this example, a program from the Best Bank is in the background. Loans are offered up to a maximum of USD 20,000 at an annual interest rate of 0.5 percent.

The advantage of starting the loan search on the regional pages lies in the understandable wording of the offers. Technical terms and a completely unmanageable user interface, such as at KfW, are not to be feared regionally. In addition, only the financing options are available that are also available for the region.

Special conditions for the severely disabled?

Special conditions for the severely disabled?

A loan for the severely handicapped is of course not only sought for renovation work or a bathroom for the disabled. Normal loan requests are much more often the focus of loan searches than special conversions. In this case, the special conditions no longer apply. The loan search engines now deliver cheap loan offers, for example for a small loan.

Currently, as of November 2013, the low key interest rates enable particularly favorable lending. An example of this is the loan request for 3,000 USD with a term of 36 months. This small loan could come from Across Lender. An effective APR of 2.78 percent for a freely available loan can hardly be beaten. If there is a purchase of a vehicle suitable for the disabled, public funding and cheaper loan interest could complement each other. If, for example, 10,000 USD are missing from the new acquisition, the Binary Lender offers an interesting loan offer. Financed for 60 months, the loan only costs 4.39 percent APR – as a fixed rate for everyone.

Unfortunately, not everyone with a severe disability earns so well that ordinary bank credit would be easy to use. The requirements for the approval of commercially offered loans are the same for everyone. With an income close to the garnishment exemption limit, severely disabled people, like non-disabled people, often only have a fair private credit opportunity.

Private Lenders – Severely Disabled Loan

Private Lenders - Severely Disabled Loan

The chances of getting a loan for the severely disabled from a commercial loan provider have decreased. The effects of social changes and the financial crisis affect all social classes. Only the rich get richer.

Reputable credit brokerage portals such as Fine Bank and Agree Bank offer fair credit opportunities for everyone. Private investors are not bound by the increasingly stringent rules for commercial lending. A loan for the severely handicapped from private can be found at low interest rates with convincing proof of repayment ability.